Proas - Modern & Ancient A Proa is sailing canoe with a small outrigger on one side. The ancient Polynesians used them extensively to cross great distances in the Pacific Ocean. TankerProa is a modern sailing space-frame vessel. It is designed to propel a standard tanker ship over the open ocean under pure sail power.

The outrigger allows the tiny proa to carry a sail area much larger than possible with a single hull. Similarly the massive sail area provided by the TankerProa propels the tanker vessel without the use of engines.

Proof of Principle In 2013 a TankerProa test rig was successfully tested on the Massachusetts Maritime Academy’s model tanker vessel. With the engines off, the TankerProa propelled the vessel at 4 knots on a broad reach in 5 knot winds. Additional testing was carried out downwind in 10 knot winds with similar 4 knot propulsion results. In addition to speeds higher than conventional engines the proa adds greater stability through a wider footprint.

TankerProa Advantages Modularity - utilizes the worlds existing tanker fleet
of vessels, converting them to clean efficient sail power in the open oceans.
Renewable Energy - regenerative friction and solar power control all functions.
Stability - the wider stance of the proa offers greater stability and eliminates
the need for ballast water, thus slowing cross-contamination of seawater.
Functionality - ability to tack, sail on broad reach, and downwind.

See the TankerProa mounting a tanker vessel simulation